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At H. Al Hammadi Co., our deep knowledge and passion for the industry allow’s us to create personalised environments which enable you to succeed. You’ll build relationships, you’ll close deals, you’ll grow your business.

You’ll leave energised, inspired and excited about your future. Since the start we have tried to stick to our core values and vision no matter whatever services and solutions we provide. As a result we have maintained a very impressive client satisfaction rate. Obviously this consistency and uncompromised and professional ethics lead us to obtain many good clients. H. Al Hammadi Co., is a complete solutions provider catering exclusively to the civil industry, involved in the planning and execution of major civil support projects. We have built the expertise and technology focus required for successfully implementing large scale projects.

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What we do for you?

The best services and solutions can only be provided by the most qualified people. We have listed the most potential services that will give good advantages in your business missions. We make this work with the presence of capable people who can give out great outcomes.

“ The secret to the successful implementation of this project is simple. We just brought together the best people and understood that we were facing a task that is unique in its scale & ignificance. ”

Mohammed A. Rahman Al Hammadi


Our Vision

H. Al Hammadi Co.

Our Vision are at the heart of our culture and the foundation of our strategy. We achieve sustainable commercial success through thoughtful market focus and superior results for customers. Our continuing evolution is fuelled by insight, innovation, collaboration and investment in people.

Our Mission

H. Al Hammadi Co.

Provide a rewarding, fulfilling and safe work environment to our people that is customer-focused, encourages mutual-respect and work culture focused on team atmosphere and personal development and growth.